Professional Tour Guide System from Imtradex

The tour guide system, using UHF technology, is the perfect solution for guiding people. E.g. at facility visits in factories or at city tours, which are normally difficult through noisy surroundings.

Because of that high noise level you will need a radio system for your professional presentation.
Due to 16 selectable channels, our radio guide system EcoGuide is also the perfect choice for interpreters during simultaneous translations at conferences.

We offer our tour guide system EcoGuide for rental and sale.



EcoGuide Receiver and Transmitter




• 16 channels selectable (using UHF technology)
• any number of receivers possible
• system can be operated by batteries or accumulators
• with noice cancelling microphone, thus clear understandability also under noisy conditions
• sanitary, monaural and light-weight earphone (other earphones optionally deliverable)
• feather-light and compact, robust and tough yet
• easy to use
• no registration required, feeless in Europe







Sender Smiley

Empfänger Smiley


Hand microphone with built in transceiver

Pocket transceiver

• including built-in microphone and external microphone jack (various microphones deliverable)
• AUX-IN jack for MP3 players to loop in precasted audio files
• including sensitivity controller for the microphone
• with belt clip

• different types of headsets
• clip microphone
• cords

Pocket receiver

• 3.5 mm earphone jack for best audio quality
• different earphone types available
• volume control
• AUX-OUT jack to transmit signal to loudspeakers
• with belt clip


• Different types of earphones
• cords


Area of Applications

In noisy surroundings, production sheds, during conferences, in museums, exhibitions, sports training, driving school, sightseeing tours, or during events for translators:
You will understand every single word. Our wireless tour guide system EcoGuide guarantees a perfect verbal communication for many uses:

• Company or plant visits also under very noisy conditions
• Machine and product presentations
• Multilingual guidances, trainings, press conferences and congresses
• Simultaneous translations
• Trainings and instructions at noisy workplaces
• Directions during sport events, e.g. equestrianism, skiing schools, etc.
• Guidances during exhibitions and in museums

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If you are only running an event every now and then, it is also possible to rent our EcoGuide system on a daily or weekly basis. As already existing customer, it is also possible to extend your EcoGuide system with additional devices for larger events.

No matter what your requirements are, the system will be delivered in the configuration of your choice. Please ask us about our reasonable daily- and weekly fixed rates.






Pocket Transmitter

Handheld Mic Transmitter


Ear Receiver flexible

Clip microphone Headset Microphone Neck bow headphone Ear Receiver fixed
Neck bow microphone

Neck bow microphone

double sided

Ear Protection
Neck bow Headset

Inductive coil (without picture)





Desk Charging unit 12 slots
charging case
36 slots
charging trolley
50 slots
charging drawer
Earphone box alloy case including earphone boxes
Leather bag cord audio cable





PDFLeaflet Imtradex EcoGuide english

Manuals (just in german):

PDFBedienungsanleitung Taschensender Imtradex EcoGuide

PDFBedienungsanleitung Stabmikrofonsender Imtradex EcoGuide

PDFBedienungsanleitung Empfänger Imtradex EcoGuide



Offers & Prices


All product prices on request! We will be glad to make you a tailor-made, individual and nonbinding offer for rental and sale.



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